3 Books To Build A Thriving And Productive Business In 2023

Written by: Serenity GibbonsPublished in Forbes A study by F1000Research in 2021 found that transformational entrepreneurship has an incredible effect on a leader’s personal readiness for change, psychological resilience, and employee performance. Meanwhile, another case study from the International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research gives valuable insights into how entrepreneurial firms are creating and […]

The Riveting Story of Jeremy Delk’s Rise to the Top

As first reported in OceanDrivewritten by: Maria Williams Millions of dollars in day trading. Bigger dreams than most kids in college, a hunger and drive for success that buckles the knees of most grown men. But this, young man never identified a barrier to his progress that didn’t bear fruit that he now shares with the […]

The Delk Deal – Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

“You know, when someone says you can’t do something, they’re talking about themselves, not you”, explains Jeremy Delk. Most things are inconceivable until they’re conceived. Right? Be crazy enough to have those kind of thoughts, to be able to really make a difference and change the world. You hear the saying, oh well that’s how […]

The Delk Deal – No Advocacy For Patients

A candid interview with Jeremy Delk about why there is no advocacy for patients. We just take for granted in this country, “but the doctor says” without questioning and challenge, there’s no advocacy of the patient. I think the stat is like six and a half minutes. That’s how long the average patient sees a […]

How Important Do You Think A Routine Is To People?

Jeremy Delk responding to the questions “how important do you think a routine is to people?” Well, I think routines are important. I think they’re also natural, right? I mean a big part of a routine is, or any ongoing routine, is a habit. There’s a lot of good habits and bad habits. I think […]

The Delk Deal – Making 30k As A Freshman In College

A candid interview with Jeremy Delk on how he made 30k as a freshmen in college. I’m just a small town guy. I grew up in a town called Bargetown Kentucky, known as the bourbon capital of the world. I went to school in Providence. It was fun because I went to a new town, […]

The Delk Deal – Team Transparency

Jeremy Delk giving a talk to his team… Objectives today for the team is to really and truly be a hundred percent transparent, a hundred percent honest and real with the business and ourselves. Right? I assure you there’s a complete hiatus on any firing, so no one will get fired today. So say what […]

Business Strategy For Entrepreneurs Post Pandemic

“It’s how you choose to define those events or it’s how you let those events define you. Boom. One take. Boom. What do you think?”,  Jeremy Delk shares in this video. The best way to strategize or work through the strategies post pandemic is to take a step back and not get emotional about it. […]