A candid interview with Jeremy Delk about why there is no advocacy for patients.

We just take for granted in this country, “but the doctor says” without questioning and challenge, there’s no advocacy of the patient. I think the stat is like six and a half minutes. That’s how long the average patient sees a doctor a year. The response that we’ve seen in this void within integrative medicine and healthcare, to me, has been unbelievable. You can really understand and kind of get inside into just how exciting it is. You kind of do struggle with the pain and really realizing just how healthcare is being in this space and understanding several of the gaps. That’s been the biggest drive for me over the last couple years is like, if I didn’t know this, who else doesn’t know it, and my legacy is going to be able to say, listen, I had a role albeit small in, trying to change a broken system.

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