A candid interview with Jeremy Delk on how he made 30k as a freshmen in college.

I’m just a small town guy. I grew up in a town called Bargetown Kentucky, known as the bourbon capital of the world. I went to school in Providence. It was fun because I went to a new town, new city. I knew nobody my freshman year in college. I started doing some day trading. I was trading stocks late 1990’s – early two thousands. I remember sitting in college on the cool Palm pilot, right. Ameritrade and E-trade accounts trading stock in class making $30-40,000 in an hour. Which was f*cking ton of money for me at the time. I always kind of questioned like, well this is just easy, right? Like why would you ever do anything else? And you kind of questioned conventional things. What do I want to go to school for? It’s business and management, I think that idea of entrepreneurialism and just being able to not be capped by a paycheck was something that always excited me.

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