Jeremy Delk responding to the questions “how important do you think a routine is to people?”

Well, I think routines are important. I think they’re also natural, right? I mean a big part of a routine is, or any ongoing routine, is a habit. There’s a lot of good habits and bad habits. I think it’s important to look at your routines, your schedules, and what you’re doing, focus on them and really kind of make a list of questions.

Is this what I want to be doing?

And how it’s affecting me?

Is it going to the gym? I try to train and work out. That’s something I’m religious about. I will even go when I’m traveling. Whereever I’m going I still hit the gym and train. That’s a good habit or a good routine that I go through.

So that’s something I want you to kind of keep in that list. And you often want to kind of cull the list and whether it’s the people that maybe are negative influences in your life, or if they are people that just aren’t really on that same path as you. Not necessarily cut the people out. I don’t believe in that, but limit your exposures to those kind of things that aren’t helping you on your journey. That’s going to help you and your family.

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