Author Hour: Without A Plan With Jeremy Delk

Without A Plan is a story of a smart and confident man whose brash and forward approach to all things, while not for everyone, quickly builds trust with a guaranteed authenticity. Listen while my next guest navigates his way from a small school in Kentucky, a tragic accident that takes his father too soon, to […]

The Delk Deal – No Advocacy For Patients

A candid interview with Jeremy Delk about why there is no advocacy for patients. We just take for granted in this country, “but the doctor says” without questioning and challenge, there’s no advocacy of the patient. I think the stat is like six and a half minutes. That’s how long the average patient sees a […]

Business Strategy For Entrepreneurs Post Pandemic

“It’s how you choose to define those events or it’s how you let those events define you. Boom. One take. Boom. What do you think?”,  Jeremy Delk shares in this video. The best way to strategize or work through the strategies post pandemic is to take a step back and not get emotional about it. […]