Without A Plan is a story of a smart and confident man whose brash and forward approach to all things, while not for everyone, quickly builds trust with a guaranteed authenticity. Listen while my next guest navigates his way from a small school in Kentucky, a tragic accident that takes his father too soon, to the boardroom of his own investment firm filled with innovative companies and technologies.

Welcome back to the Author Hour Podcast. I’m your host Hussein Al-Baiaty and I’m very excited to be joined by author Jeremy Delk to celebrate and talk about his new book, Without A Plan. Let’s dive in.

All right everyone, I have Jeremy Delk with me today. I’m super excited to get into this conversation. Skimming through Jeremy’s book, I found some commonalities between him and I, but man, I am so excited to get into your story. Jeremy, you wrote an amazing memoir, thanks for coming on the show. I want you to tell our audience a little bit about who you are, your background, and talk about those early years.

Jeremy Delk: Thanks for having me, excited to be here and to be at this stage in the process. Yeah, I mean, look, I’m a small-town kid from Bardstown, Kentucky, which is known for the bourbon capital of the world. Always had this probably inner drive to do more, see more, and be more, and that led me onto a pretty interesting journey that I talk a lot about in the book.

It’s aptly titled Without A Plan, and that took me everywhere from school in Rhode Island to day trading to New York City on Wall Street, having tea with Sheikh Mohammad in Dubai, everywhere in between. So, it’s been a ride, but this book’s been a lot of fun for me both, and punishing I think to be honest with you, but it’s been a lot of fun to tell both sides of the story, right?

Listen to the entire conversation at https://authorhour.co/without-a-plan-jeremy-delk/