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written by: Maria Williams

Millions of dollars in day trading. Bigger dreams than most kids in college, a hunger and drive for success that buckles the knees of most grown men. But this, young man never identified a barrier to his progress that didn’t bear fruit that he now shares with the world. This is the life story of Jeremy Delk, a market disruptor known for his keen intuition and insightful approach to business.

He has a proven track record of success as an entrepreneur and a strong desire for growth. Jeremy’s primary vocations these days are public speaking and investing in start-ups. His book Without A Plan, about his entrepreneurial journey will be released soon, and it will cover the good times as well as the bad. His journey has taught him that good times and bad don’t last forever, and this is a stark reminder of that lesson.

He was raised in a small town by parents who were both postal workers. While most people settle for less, Jeremy was never one of them. He longed to leave the confines of Bardstown, Kentucky, and see the rest of the world.

He jumped into the business with the zeal of a child and the instincts of a shrewd businessman. He began day trading at 17 and has since learned the hard way. One of the reasons for his business’s success is that he could learn from his failures and adjust his approach moving forward.

He took advantage of a business and marketing scholarship to pay for college in Rhode Island. In class, however, he spent most of his day trading on his palm pilot. When he was 19, he made $30,000 to $50,000 daily trading from his college dorm room. To him, going above and beyond was the norm.

The money came in as fast as it went out. In his early twenties, he amassed nearly $2 million as a day trader before losing it all in four days! The tech industry has a bad reputation for driving people into bankruptcy quickly, and he’s been caught on camera openly discussing this.

He could make ends meet by renting apartments and earning commissions from his sales. One of them happened to be a senior Fidelity executive who had just relocated to the city from New York City.

One of Fidelity Investments’ youngest brokers, he traded institutional equities in Boston and New York while honing his day trading skills. He was about to become extremely wealthy, but that wouldn’t be enough to quench his entrepreneurial spirit.

Founded as a small company making only a few thousand dollars in its first year, Delk Enterprises has grown to become an internationally diversified venture capital fund. More than two decades later, Delk Enterprises has grown to include companies in biotechnology and healthcare, consumer brand management, information and communications technology (ICT), building materials and real estate development and investment.

MediVet, a company that developed stem cell technology for animals, is another well-known project of his. He first went public, then went private again, before selling the company to a Wisconsin-based small VC firm. Furthermore, he founded Tailor Made Compounding LLC, Inc. 500, named the 21st fastest growing company in the United States. MedAuSt, which is listed on the ASX. TMC was also ranked No. 4 on Inc. 500’s list of fastest-growing healthcare companies, which he divested in early 2021.

He became the International Peptide Society’s CEO after receiving Delk funding and later selling it to A4M.

Concierge/integrative medicine is now more accessible to the general public thanks to Liv Health, which he founded and successfully exited in early 2022.

Investor and entrepreneur Jeremy Delk have amassed an impressive resume throughout his career. One of the most successful professionals of the last decade, he is known for his insightful entrepreneurship advice through podcasts. His work, unrivaled in scope, directly impacts people’s lives.

The business community eagerly awaits Delk’s “Without a Plan” book because of his extensive knowledge of various markets. This precedent sets an exciting new standard.

The importance of small businesses in the American economy cannot be overstated, even though they aren’t widely regarded as job creators.

An advocate for small businesses in America, Delk has spoken vividly about the topic on podcasts. Rather than relying solely on statements, he encourages readers to look at the data that backs up his claims.

Regularly, Delk appears on podcasts discussing the importance of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs’ true potential and success have been the focus of his advocacy, training, and motivational speaking engagements over the past several decades.

Any business venture, no matter how glamorous, has the potential to weaken even the strongest of wills. Overnight, the ebb and flow of commerce are disrupted. When it comes to accepting failure and not letting it rewrite your legacy in the direction of success, Delk advocates for an “action and approach” approach.

He believes that a company can’t start up unless there is an entrepreneur who has faith in the company’s ability to succeed. Owning a business can be stressful, as one person can only bear so much weight. In addition to being a huge accomplishment, being your boss is a lot of work. Because of your decisions, your company’s future, your culture, and its very existence will be at stake.

He said in a podcast that failing a business isn’t always due to a lack of planning or resources. A pessimistic outlook is a silent killer that saps one’s energy and enthusiasm. Given the erratic nature of human emotions, it can be difficult to remain enthused about one’s business when faced with new obstacles. The good news is that there are many ways you can keep your motivation high and avoid exhaustion.

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