3 Books To Build A Thriving And Productive Business In 2023

Written by: Serenity GibbonsPublished in Forbes A study by F1000Research in 2021 found that transformational entrepreneurship has an incredible effect on a leader’s personal readiness for change, psychological resilience, and employee performance. Meanwhile, another case study from the International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research gives valuable insights into how entrepreneurial firms are creating and […]

The Delk Deal – Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

“You know, when someone says you can’t do something, they’re talking about themselves, not you”, explains Jeremy Delk. Most things are inconceivable until they’re conceived. Right? Be crazy enough to have those kind of thoughts, to be able to really make a difference and change the world. You hear the saying, oh well that’s how […]

How Important Do You Think A Routine Is To People?

Jeremy Delk responding to the questions “how important do you think a routine is to people?” Well, I think routines are important. I think they’re also natural, right? I mean a big part of a routine is, or any ongoing routine, is a habit. There’s a lot of good habits and bad habits. I think […]

What To Do at BVI-Glass House

Things that you totally should do. And that we really enjoy when I’m down there. I’m your host Jeremy Delk. A hundred percent, you’ve got to see The Baths first time to the British Virgin Islands. The Baths is absolute Marvel. So plan a trip out there. David from Foxy can take you. Or we […]

BVI Glass House Features

I’m Jeremy Delk, the host of Glass House. Thanks so much for your interest in our property, the Glass House and the BVI. We get a lot of questions that are also on the website, but we wanted to share this short video with you to tell you a little bit about the property, and […]