“All the things we invest in, good investments, long term investment, all those things. What good is the investment if you’re dead?”, asks Jeremy Delk.

Our ultimate goal is to change healthcare in totality. To give the analogy of…if there’s 6 million people in the island of Manhattan, right? And the average shoe size is seven. If everyone is barefoot in New York City dropping 6 million pairs of size seven shoes, doesn’t fix the problem.

However, that’s the approach we take to healthcare. It kind of worked and it helps out for the masses, but you never can really get that individualized care. That’s a challenge. One of the many challenges with healthcare, talk to a doctor who’s a general practitioner or go talk to ER, ask them how’s it going? None of them got into this business, not gotten into medicine to do what they’re doing. They got into medicine to help people.

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